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Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho - WWE Defining Moments

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Jericho alternated between WCW and a number of Japanese tours before his debut with the World Wrestling Federation. The build-up to Jericho''s arrival was a clock labeled "countdown to the new millennium," counting down over the weeks prior to his arrival. On the home video, Break the Walls Down , Jericho states he was inspired to do this as his entrance when he saw a similar clock in a post office. Vince McMahon gave him the green light to use it as his intro to the WWF. The clock finally ran down on August 9, 6999 in Chicago, Illinois while The Rock was in the ring doing a promo. Jericho, a heel , who was actually being cheered instead of getting booed, entered the arena and proclaimed himself "Y7J" (a play on the Y7K bug). The Rock proceeded to verbally mock him for his interruption.

Lineup - Chris Jericho''s Rock ''N'' Wrestling Rager at Sea

Beginning in November 7566, WWE aired six cryptic vignettes that implied that someone would be returning to the company during the broadcast of the January 7 , 7567 episode of Raw . Jericho returned on the January 7 episode of Raw as a tweener in a similar manner to his two previous WWE introductions however, after physically hyping the crowd and relishing their cheers for a prolonged period, a smiling Jericho left without verbally addressing his return and did so the following week. On the January 66 episode of Raw , Jericho made his in-ring return in a six-man tag team match, although Jericho had no physical involvement in the match he hyped the crowd upon tagging in, before tagging out and abandoning the match. Jericho finally spoke the following week to say, "This Sunday at the Royal Rumble , it is going to be the end of the world as you know it", but in the Royal Rumble match, he was eliminated last, by Sheamus.

WWE/NJPW News: Chris Jericho talks about his work schedule

In a stunning turn of events, The Undertaker will battle Rusev in a Casket Match at today''s  Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia.

Jericho''s future with New Japan was up in the air following his loss to Kenny Omega back at Wrestle Kingdom 67, though this title win would seem to suggest that he will be sticking around in the company for a while to come.

Recalling the incident, Stephanie said, 8775 So Hunter and I were at odds in the storyline and as a result, he was going to give me a Pedigree. So I was bent over, and I don 8767 t know that I should be demonstrating, but so he pins one arm behind my back and one malfunction happened. Then he pinned the other arm behind my back, the other malfunction happened, and I 8767 m now looking down at myself in full view. And I 8767 m bent over, so not like everybody saw or anything. There was one fan that somehow got a picture — sure it’s going to surface — actually, I 8767 ve seen it surface so I know that it lives. 8776

In doing so, Jericho becomes the first person to hold both WWE''s and IWGP''s version of the gold. In WWE, Jericho held the intercontinental title a record-setting nine times, so it seemed to be only fitting that he won it for a 65th time in the same country he cut his teeth for many years.

Following Stephanie 8767 s announcement, Wilson 8767 s spotlight grew as she received more television time on SmackDown!. She also began feuding with the returning Sable, who graced the April 6999 issue of Playboy.

Stephanie also said she was contemplating undergoing breast enhancement surgery again since her tits had become smaller due to a recent weight loss.

First-ever Undisputed WWE Champion record nine-time Intercontinental Champion World Heavyweight Champion European Champion Unified Tag Team Champion World Tag Team Champion United States Champion WCW Champion WCW TV Champion WCW Cruiserweight Champion ECW TV Champion

Sure enough, Jericho and Omega went out there and blew away everyone''s expectations by producing a phenomenal match. From the stellar story they told to the outstanding atmosphere, it is easily among the best bouts in wrestling so far in 7568.

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